The Mansion at Villa Milagros

The Mansion at Villa Milagros was built between 1965 and 1969, in time for the 35th wedding anniversary of Isidoro B. Liamzon, and Ma. Milagros M. Liamzon—fondly called by their children as ‘Tatay’ and ‘Nanay’. Though their permanent residence was in New Manila, they built the Villa in their hometown Rodriguez (Montalban) as a vacation house for their large family. The couple had 11 children—three boys, and eight girls—and over 34 grandchildren.

Tatay and Nanay with their children

The mansion’s façade of precast moldings reflects the style of mid-century Philippine architecture. The windows’ elaborate iron grills boldly contrast against the house’s stately white color. Even inside, dark wooden panels contrast the house’s stark white walls. Natural light filters into the house’s interiors through large windows and balconies. The master’s bedroom is located on the ground floor next to the main entrance; while four children’s bedrooms can be found on the second floor. The mansion’s prominent mirador tower is reminiscent of pre-war times.


The Mansion
- An Architectural Gem

Most of the original furniture of the mansion was made by House of Puyat—the most sought-after furniture maker of the time. The Steinway grand piano on the second floor was a gift to the 8th child, Julie, who was the most musically-inclined of all the siblings. Outside, white Arte Español garden sets (as in many old Manila homes) encourage visitors to relax amidst the lush greenery. Inspired from their travels to Europe in the 1950’s, Tatay and Nanay also sought to infuse their vacation home with their newfound European aesthetic and imported furniture. The porcelain chandeliers and wall lamps on the mansion’s second floor were shipped from Spain.

In 2015, the Liamzons decided to restore the mansion and property to its former glory. A newly built winding walkway around the mansion offers astounding views of the mansion’s unique façade and gardens. The new driveway puts both the mirador tower in focus, but also the relief of Tatay’s initials, IBL. Custom-made baldoza tiles were also added to the portico’s flooring. The lobby’s new and customized marble medallion subtly mirrors the space’s oval shape. The Milagros Suite, formerly the masters' bedroom, was also refurnished with a modern classic touch.